Overnight stays are in large, air conditioned runs. Family dogs may stay together and receive a multi-dog discount. We provide cots, bedding and good night kisses. You may bring your own food or ask us to provide food at no extra cost.
Overnight boarding rates include day care activities. All dogs receive personalized attention and varied activities throughout the day.

Overnight Boarding
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Same run
Separate run
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Day Care
Looking to let your dog make new friends or try new activities? Day care at the Ranch might be right for you. Well-mannered dogs socialize, exercise and enjoy long walks together. Whether it's romp time, toy time, or one-on-one play with staff, day care allows your dog to burn off that excess steam.
We gauge your pet’s energy level and temperament to offer activities that are fun for them. Dogs are  also given appropriate rest time during their stay.
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Whether you're interested in one-on-one training, board 'n train, puppy classes, or agility, we can help you find what you're looking for.
Dog training should be fun and productive for both you and your pup, so let us help you find the best fit. We have long-term relationships with a portfolio of trainers that make it fun for everyone. 
Prices vary by trainer. Trainers always offer a free meet-and-greet to help you decide what's right for you.
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Spa Time
All pups who stay seven days or more at the Ranch receive a good old-fashioned bath, compliments of the Ranch House. Warm water, natural shampoos and a towel dry are also given whenever your pet needs it during his stay. We ensure your dog is clean and happy at pick up.
A nail trim can be ordered with any boarding or day care stay. We can use a nail grinder or clippers.
Nail trim
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We offer baths and nail trims to our regular customers, and also know some of the best groomers in town.  Baths & nail trims can be scheduled when you reserve or at check-in during a boarding or day care visit. We're also happy to give you a grooming referral based on your specific needs. 
We do baths and nail trims in-house during any scheduled visit. For haircuts, we can refer you to a groomer that specializes in what you're looking for.
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Other Services
Looking for a local vet? Ask us.  We have relationships with the best veterinary practices. Need special food products?  Ask us. We know where to get good advice on high quality and grain free brands.
For those circumstance where boarding at a facility is not the right solution, we have a network of pet sitters that can offer home services. 
Whatever your pet care needs, ask us.
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